Pleat Earrings

Price: £17,950.00
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The Pleat Earrings are crafted in 18k yellow gold and set with smoky quartz, citrine, yellow topaz, clear crystal, white sapphires and white diamonds.

Part of Tomasz Donocik’s Pleat Collection. Inspired by the design movements of the early 20th century, the modernity of the Art Deco style, and the pleats commonly used in fashion at that time – the Pleats collection is a celebration of bold opulence. Mesmerising and empowering, the pieces are designed to playfully tease the luminosity of the light reflections hitting the bedazzling surfaces. These kaleidoscopic treasures are sure to light up any jewellery collection.

Part of a uniquely captivating collection of jewellery from Tomasz Donocik, which aims to challenge the preconceptions of self-adornment. Through the sensitive fusion of materials his bold, masculine and often androgynous creations inject jewellery design with new meaning and form.


18k Yellow Gold


Smoky Quartz
Yellow Topaz
Clear Crystal
White Sapphires
White Diamonds