Rock Classic Diamond Hoop Earring

Price: £410.00
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The Rock Classic Diamond Hoop Earring is a timeless, exclusive and essential hoop earring with white diamonds. It is made from 18kt yellow gold and features eight brilliant-cut diamonds. This earring is sold individually.

Part of the Rock Collection from Ro Copenhagen. “Formed deep beneath the earth under intense pressure and heat, the diamond has long captured the fascination like no other gemstone. As a symbol of love it is unparalleled, its magnificent radiance a beacon for possibility and self-reflection. Wishing to harness and intensify this brilliance, I designed the ROCK Collection, using our 18kt gold peppered with diamond.” – Helle Leiberg Nissen – Jewellery designer & founder of RO Copenhagen.

At Ro Copenhagen, the jewellery is defined by timeless, minimal design and clean lines. You will find elegant and original styles within their collections. Designed with finesse and intention, Ro Copenhagen pieces are meticulously crafted with ethically sourced precious metals and unique gemstones of natural origin.


18kt Yellow Gold


8 Brilliant-cut Diamonds, Total Weight - 0.064ct


Diameter - 10mm

Please Note:

This earring is sold individually.