Two for Joy Nest Bangle

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The ‘Two for Joy’ Nest Bangle in Recycled 925 Sterling Silver and 18ct Fairtrade Yellow Gold and features Herkimer diamond quartz cage drop.

For the passionate conscientious female who loves positive luxury. This bangle with contrasting tones exudes an emotive edge of sophistication. Fully traceable back to a Fairtrade artisanal mine in Western Peru this eye catching narrative piece of ethical jewellery will bring dazzling class and intrigue to any outfit. Illustrating a line from the folkloric fortune telling rhyme of the magpie, the bangle depicts the iconic ‘Two for Joy’ birds perched on yellow gold branches with their treasure, a Herkimer Diamond Quartz Drop. Marry up with the ‘one-of-a-kind’ Silver & Fairtrade Gold Tourmalated Quartz Nest Ring to really create a luxurious statement celebrating unity and love between two free spirited wild beings.

Julia Thompson creates exquisite fine jewellery pieces using traditional hand fabrication techniques combined with a unique selection of responsibly sourced gemstones. All her pieces are handcrafted in recycled sterling silver and certified Fairtrade gold from the Sotrami mine in Peru. Owning and wearing a piece of  Julia Thompson jewellery means you can be confident knowing that you are helping others as well as caring for the natural environment.


18ct Fairtrade Yellow Gold
Recycled 925 Sterling Silver


Herkimer Diamond Quartz Cage Drop


Width - 15 to 25mm approx

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Size Medium Available