Festive Treasures Yew Tree Earrings

Price: £13,055.00
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The Festive Treasures Yew Tree Earrings are made from ethically and sustainably sourced 18k gold, featuring white diamonds, black diamonds and rubies. The miniature enamel detail has been hand painted on these beautiful earrings.

Part of Basak Baykal’s Festive Treasures Collection. Meet with a very special capsule collection for the Festival Treasures! It allows you to spend every day in a festive mood with uniquely created sculpture-like jewellery that awakens the festive spirit in every heart, not just for the winter season. Inspired by the pine tree, the most meaningful symbol of the new year, as well as the Yew Tree and Holly Tree, which are included in the collection and evoke the new year with its red fruit, the collection carries a timeless heritage with its colours and designs.

Basak Baykal uses high quality materials that are lawfully, ethically, and sustainably sourced from limited, trusted vendors, who are registered suppliers of legal and consciously processed and protected gems. Through the use of small and ethical production, Basak Baykal’s jewellery is sustainable through practice, creating one-of-a-kind piece


18k Gold


White Diamonds - 2.11ct
Rubies - 0.97ct
Black Diamonds