Full Metal Globo Necklace

Price: £900.00
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Full Metal Globo Necklace is individually hand carved making each unique. The detailed carving is highlighted by 18ct yellow gold vermeil plating. The Gemstones featured in this piece are multi-coloured sapphires.

Globo is Italian for globe. This collection features crowned gemstones and orbs with hand carved landscapes. The Globo collection represents adventure and exploration, a spherical impression of the earth, sea or of the constellations with a map on the surface.

It is very meaningful to me that each piece I create is ‘one of a kind’, a personal treasure that speaks to the wearer when they discover it, and that will be handed down through the generations’ – Katherine Alexandra Brunacci – Founder.


Sterling Silver




Pendant - 40 x 30mm
Chain Length - 70cm