Lantern Earrings

Price: £170.00
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The Lantern Earrings are from the Lantern collection, made in 100% recycled Sterling Silver. These hand detailed elegant drop earrings are all unique and hand carved. No master moulds have been used so each are one of a kind. The earrings have a stud mechanism and a polished finish.

All gemstones used in Katherine Alexandra Brunacci Treasures are ethically sourced, and their stone suppliers have a strong ethical mission statement.  It is important to her that every stone used is traceable and that mine workers are treated and paid appropriately. KAB Jewellery uses 100% recycled silver, and all gold is sourced from mine sites which meet the Fairtrade Gold Standard.


100% Recycled Sterling Silver


Length - 55mm

Please Note:

The carvings pictured are just a representation of the theme.