November Birthstone Dot Necklace

Price: £650.00
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The November Birthstone Dot Necklace is made from 18kt recycled yellow gold, featuring honey topaz cut by Swarovski.

Part of Sandy Leong’s Anniversary Collection. Honey topaz, an energy recharge, symbolizes strength of will and it is said the wearer will manifest their intentions and desires.

Conscious of the long term impacts of mining and jewellery making, Sandy ensures that all her jewellery production is done locally in New York, through transparent sustainable manufacturers. All of her diamonds and gemstones are responsibly sourced and conflict-free, and a selection of her natural materials are sculpted by artisans in Kenya, supporting local craftsmanship and preserving traditional methods of design in sub-Saharan Africa.



Recycled Yellow Gold - 18kt


Honey Topaz


Pendant Diameter - 0.25 inches
Chain Length - 16 inches