Rococo Lantern Necklace

Price: £1,100.00
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The Rococo Lantern Necklace is made from solid sterling silver this Lantern features amethyst and multi-coloured sapphires gemstone detail. The carvings and settings have been highlighted with gold plated detail.

Each panel of the Lantern has been hand carved making each pendant produced unique. The carvings of this piece are inspired by the ancient mythology of the Siren, who lured sailors with their enchanting music and Katherine’s rugged Tasmanian coastal home. Each treasure from the Siren series is named in reference to a musical theme.

It is very meaningful to me that each piece I create is ‘one of a kind’, a personal treasure that speaks to the wearer when they discover it, and that will be handed down through the generations’ – Katherine Alexandra Brunacci – Founder.


Sterling Silver




Pendant Length - 60mm, Width - 35mm.
Chain Length - 790mm.

Please Note:

As these pendants are one of a kind and hand crafted, the pendant may differ slightly from image.