The Lustrous Kingdom Earrings

Price: £425.00
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The Lustrous Kingdom Earrings are made from 18k yellow gold plated silver, and are the matching earrings to The Lustrous Kingdom Necklace.

Samantha Siu‘s revolutionary adjustable matching chain link design introduces a new sustainable approach to customising jewellery. These luxury jewellery pieces are versatile and interchangeable, and can be worn in more than 7 different ways!

Samantha Siu is committed to being socially and ethically responsible, and purposely chooses semi-precious stones to be showcased, as they are more readily available and not highly mined or sought after. 10% of the net profit in all purchases are given to 3 causes that are near and dear to Samantha’s heart: Medical Outreach; Education; Animal Conservation.


18k Yellow Gold Plated Silver


Length - 47mm