Van Gogh’s Almond Earrings

Price: £16,190.00
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Van Gogh’s Almond Earrings from Larissa Moraes are handmade in 18k yellow gold with a polished finish and feature pink tourmalines, pink diamonds, sapphires and morganites.

These design award winning earrings were inspired by Van Gogh’s “Almond Tree in Blossom” canvas. The evolution of Van Gogh’s flowers is conveyed in the delicate shapes and colours of the gemstones. Like tree branches moving in the wind, the earrings are elegantly balanced to sway freely in harmony with our natural movement.

Larissa Moraes jewellery offers one of a kind designs, created exclusively in conflict free precious metals and gemstones.  Through Larissa’s skilful handling of complex textures she has effortlessly recreated both the feel and emotion of Van Gogh’s works, with artistry, coloured gems and exquisite designs.


18kt Yellow Gold


Pink Tourmaline - 11.08ct
Pink Sapphire - 4.22ct
Morganite - 1.00ct
Pink Diamonds - 0.76ct


Height - 6.84cm
Width - 2.43cm
Depth - 0.30cm