Fog Outdoor Saddle Swing

Price: £510.00
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The Fog Outdoor Saddle Swing is lightweight and compact. These swings are perfect for enjoying the outdoors and kids love them too. You can easily take the hammock like swing with you to hang during camping trips. The swings are handmade from a signature yarn designed and produced exclusively by iota with UV protection therefore perfect for a sophisticated resort style look indoors or outdoors.

Height – The swings are made for a ceiling height of 285cm / 112.21″. 2 cabled swings can be adjusted manually 15cm / 5.9″ higher or lower. 4 cabled swings are not adjustable and therefore need to be made by order of height. We don’t make longer swings but for ceilings higher than 285cm / 112.21″ we provide 4mm cables.

Iota is a luxury accessories brand and social enterprise promoting the art of crochet and empowering women from underprivileged communities.  All pieces and kits are hand-made and prepared by local women who have been taught the skills of crochet and who are able to carry out their careful hand-work from the safety of their homes.


Hand-knit outdoor, UV protected Acrylic


Length - 70 cm
Width - 30 cm
(height can be adjusted)

Made to Order:

Yes - Please allow 4-6 weeks