Moonlight Frost Pendant

Price: £725.00
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The Anomaly Moonlight Frost Pendant by Zydrune made in Sterling Silver and Silicon Carbide. Handmade in the heart of London, keeping innovative and ethical jewellery making at the forefront of the production.

Designed to instantly impress, this pendant was inspired by one of the most beautiful weather conditions. Frost, or ice that occurs in a great variety of ice crystal forms in nature, reflects the designer’s main source of inspiration. Same as the inspiration source, the Moonlight Frost pendant contains breath-taking patterns, textures and ice look alike formations. It’s intricacy and attention to detail truly takes a breath away, as every single angle has so much to offer.

Zydrune Auksoriute – creates exceptional artist jewellery for the modern woman. Her high-end, modern and ethically made jewellery designs reflect the needs of today’s woman’s lifestyle. As a result, bringing back the importance of creativity and ethical production, alongside sophisticated and sustainable jewellery design practice.


Sterling Silver
Silicon Carbide


Width - 23mm
Depth - 9mm
Chain Length - 35cm

Please Note:

As every jewellery piece is crafted by a hand, each individual design will slightly vary from one another.