Dainty Calligraphy Necklace for Him

Price: £580.00
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The Dainty Calligraphy Necklace for Him is a masculine Pendant Necklace in Sterling Silver, adorned with calligraphy. Calligraphy reads: انت انا (We are one).

Buy individually or as a matching pair with the Dainty Calligraphy Necklace for Her by Azza Fahmy, also available at La Maison Couture.

Part of the Azza Fahmy Valentines collection, Inspired by all-time favourite love songs by Umm Kulthum, Fahmy’s muse for this collection, timelessly preserved in pieces both modern and classic.

Egyptian born contemporary jewellery designer Azza Fahmy trained at the Faculty of Fine Arts.

The collection’s main theme revolves around ‘Hidden Messages’, a growing global design trend.

The sealed messages make for the perfect gifting gestures between two loved ones whom- after receiving their gifts- ultimately discover ‘What’s inside’.


Sterling Silver