Oceanus Bangle

Price: £325.00
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The Oceanus Bangle has a polished, textured surface with edges that curl, reminiscent of waves lapping on the shore. This handmade bangle is crafted in Deborah Blyth’s London studio, through the process of lost wax casting. The polished interior ensures a smooth and comfortable fit. It is made from 18ct yellow gold plated sterling silver.

The Greek God Oceanus was believed to be the divine personification of the sea. Deborah’s passion for swimming and the restorative power of water began as a child living by the sea. Swimming has been her stress reliever; and is where her best ideas are born.

Each piece of jewellery by Deborah Blyth is created from start to finish within a small area of North London. Designs are hand crafted through the process of lost wax casting in her studio, and gold plating takes place nearby in Hatton garden.  Many pieces are embellished with baroque pearls or semi precious stones for everyday luxury that can be worn from day to night.  Deborah ensures the highest quality in all her creations.



Gold Plated Sterling Silver


Diameter - 6.5cm
Width - 1cm