Oustau Platinum Red Scented Candle

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This exquisite Oustau Platinum Red ceramic scented candle holder from Rose et Marius, inspired by the traditional cement floor tiles of olden-day 19th century Provencal mansions, is combined with an evocative vin rose scented candle refill reminiscent of by-gone days in Provence.

Thanks to this innovating concept, you can re-fill your Rose et Marius tumbler for use over and over again…

Handmade in France. Dishwasher safe.

Founded by Magali Fleurquin-Bonnard following a career in the world of elite jewellery, Rose et Marius is inspired by the multi-coloured cement tiles that decorated the floors of her grandmother’s home in Provence.

This exquisite, limited-edition range of limoges porcelain tumblers, all entirely designed and manufactured by local artists of talent, is combined with your choice of delightful heady scents such as fennel blossom, and Plane trees, that will transport you to the evocative realms of life in Provence…

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Tumbler in Porcelain from Limoges
Finish in Genuine Platinum
Vegetable Wax Candle
60 Hours Burning Time


Tumbler Height: 9.5cm