Winter Garden Scented Candle

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The Winter Garden scented candle is filled with the fresh scent of nature.  Hand poured into a Black Glass holder, this candle gift set comes with a glass cloche lid, wooden base, and is presented in a stylish black presentation box.

From a collection of ethical scented candles made by Papillon Rouge in Paris.  Papillon Rouge candles are made from a unique blend of 100% vegetable wax and CMR free fragrance, which create a clean burn and high circulation capacity.

Papillon Rouge range of exquisite scented candles are designed to combine Luxury and Ethics. Carefully selected raw materials, highest quality ingredients and precious scents created by fine fragrance designers from Grasse, are combined with brand ethics on three levels: towards promoting individual well-being by using CMR free scents, towards the environment by respecting the Washington Convention protecting endangered flora and using only vegetable and renewable waxes, and towards promoting local production in support of the European economy…





Vegetable wax and CMR free fragrance
Container: Glass


Height: 10cm x 9cm
Weight: 600 grams

Please Note:

Burn Time: approx 60 hours