Evil Eye with Envy: Discover Selda’s talisman jewels

 Dating back five thousands years, the Evil Eye holds many superstitions. Discover the mysteries of this enchanting charm with Selda Jewellery. Each piece of Selda Jewellery is crafted by the skilled craftspeople of Grand-bazaar, Istanbul, using sustainably sourced diamonds and gemstones, and Fair Trade gold.

This Christmas, unwrap the stories behind your jewels with Selda Jewellery.

The Aegean is an important point of inspiration for our designer who was born and raised in this beautiful geography and she has channelled it into some of her collections. It is for this reason we have created modern takes on the evil eye talismans through designing elegant jewellery that echoes the simple beauty of the evil eye. The goal was to present something to our customers with meaning and a story that can be easily traced back to this rich culture. This makes for an excellent gift because it resonates with people from all cultures around the world who may have some similar belief in the evil eye superstition. 


The evil eye is part of the belief in misfortune that is brought upon someone by an evil glare from someone else. Its history dates back five thousand years, and despite most commonly being associated with the Mediterranean, Balkan and western Asian cultures, around 40% of the cultures in the world believe in some variation of the evil eye. In all of these cultures, the necessity for protection incentivised the production of many types of charms and objects that were hung in homes or worn as talismans to protect oneself. Perhaps the most recognizable one of these protective charms is the iconic concentric blue and white circles that are very popular in the Aegean. The evil eye may not be feared with the same intensity as it was in the past and today, can easily be dismissed as superstition, however the Aegean talismans are still popular and are used often out of tradition. 

One might point out the irony of creating protective talisman inspired jewellery that is sure to grab some attention and potentially even the envy of those around you, but rest assured, the only spell being cast around you will be the beautiful charm of these lovely pieces. If you are someone who swears by your lucky pieces of jewellery you will definitely notice these pieces as ones that bring you good energies, provide you with power and protect you against bad luck.

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