Traditional Jewellery Techniques X Modern Design: Discover Ivar’s mesmerizing jewels

Looking for the ultimate ‘I Love You’ gift this Christmas? Ethical fine jewellery brand Ivar knows how to make an impression. Crafted using traditional jewellery techniques and responsibly sourced materials, discover the impact their exquisite jewels have not just on the wearer but on the local Indian communities they work with. This festive season, let your presents bring joy to more than just your loved ones.

Discover the story behind your jewellery with Ivar

The Ivar journey began in India, where we felt this responsibility and desire to showcase the traditional jewellery technique in India through a more contemporary lens. There is so much depth and heritage to the jewellery made in India and although those crafts are waning with the advent of technology and innovation, we wanted to find ways to hold on to them and make sure they weren’t forgotten. 

We wanted to make sure we were a sustainable brand from the very beginning and so there was a lot we thought about when it came to a transparent supply chain, recycled packaging and donating to charity. 

The Maldives was a huge inspiration behind Ivar’s first two collections – the 10.18 and the Troubadour. The Ring Zero 2 and Earrings Zero 2 are great examples of that.

The sparkling seas with the myriad shades of blue, the shimmer of the sand and the organic nature of the island, as well as the aquatic life all feature in these pieces. These two pieces also make use of the traditional jewellery techniques of using polki diamonds. Polkis are uncut diamonds and showcase the more organic nature of the stone. These are set in gold prong and each stone is unique so no two pieces end up looking the same. Our craftsmen who create these beautiful pieces usually come from their villages where every generation of their family has been taught this craft. They start learning it quite young and it becomes their main form of livelihood. With machine manufacturing, the demand for these craftsmen has reduced and so they move around in search of work. Keeping these traditons alive has been important both to them and to us and having a regular form of employment means they have the money and support for themselves and their community.

The festive season has always been about giving. Whether it’s to your partner, family or friends, there is a sense of love and gratefulness. Ivar believes that being mindful about your shopping means you shop from brands that echo the same values that you hold. Whether that’s in the form of sustainability towards the planet, charity to the less privileged or diversity and support to employees in the workplace, supporting a brand that is actively trying to work towards any of those goals means that they have the ability to not only achieve their goal but to surpass it, to keep trying to make things better for the world around them in whatever way they can.

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