Imogen Belfield ~ In Conversation …



La Maison Couture: Tell us about your brand and how it started?

Imogen Belfield: A move down to Cornwall in 2003 to complete an Art Foundation in Falmouth was a pivotal moment. After which I moved to London to work at The Metal Gallery in Mayfair before starting my degree in Jewellery, 2 years later, at The Cass Faculty of Art and Design in East London. As a trained sculptor and fine artist, the fusion of Cornwall’s ‘rocky’ coastal landscape and a love for creating and building three dimensional objects in metal, cemented the ‘rockesque’ roots for my brand.

La Maison Couture: What is the inspiration for your collection?

Imogen Belfield: The central shape in the collection is a spear-head form in which the combination of strength in symbolism and delicacy in the use of materials creates a dramatic fusion of brutality with beauty. The Amazonian Collection is fiery, brave and spirited, fusing ice white porcelain and diamonds with 18K rose, yellow and white gold as well as white rhodium and black ruthenium. Turning these fluid, fossil-like form into wild and beautiful styles with ice white, coloured and black diamonds.

La Maison Couture: How do you create the very individual shapes in your work?

Imogen Belfield: When building and creating the prototypes, I work with plaster, wax and alginate, to form the masters and the moulds. This stage of design is the most experimental.

La Maison Couture: Where do you source your materials?

Imogen Belfield: Hatton Garden, London.

La Maison Couture: How do you create jewellery responsibly in a more ethically minded time in fashion?

Imogen Belfield: The metal is recycled, and moulds are also reworked and recycled in house. We make sure of the origin of our materials and gemstones, and that our diamonds our conflict free and GIA certificated.

La Maison Couture: What is your brand’s philosophy?

Imogen belfield: Rockesque, theatrical & sculptural luxury.

La Maison Couture: If you could design jewellery for one person who would that be?

Imogen Belfield: Michelle Obama.

La Maison Couture: What can we expect to see in your future pieces?

Imogen Belfield: The launch of a new Bridal range. The chunkier rings and chains are super popular with men, so we’ll be developing this line too.

Quick Fire:

Chanel or McQueen? McQueen

Choker or Pendant? Pendant worn as choker

1920s or 2020s? 2020s

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