Shallow Bracelet

Price: £550.00
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The Shallow Bracelet is made from 100% recycled 14k yellow gold and features round brilliant cut lab-grown diamonds.

MATILDE Jewellery’s Shallow Bracelet represents the delicate and graceful element of water. The flowing and never-ending movement, and the imperfect shapes water creates, inspired the design of this elegant, sustainable piece.


La Maison Couture Certified Badge Award Ethical Production Responsible Sourcing Artisanal Collaboration Positive Impact Circular & Regenerative

MATILDE Jewellery use only 14k 100% recycled gold and lab-grown diamonds in all of their pieces, as well as eco-friendly packaging, and transparent processes.


14k Recycled Yellow Gold


Lab-Grown Diamonds - Totalling 0.069ct


Length - 6 inches