Black Valentina Florentine Heart Locket

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The Black Valentina Florentine Heart Locket is made from oxidised sterling silver and is adorned with white diamonds set in 22ct gold vermeil. This intricate locket has been designed with a perfectly hidden hinge, which ensures the hinge is on the inside, leaving a flawless heart shape.

Modern Renaissance expressed in a marvellous and skilful combination. This locket by Ana Verdun London fits many descriptions… you could call it contemporary, classic, trendy, a heart with an edge and a rock & roll vibe, delightful and elegant, or simply a magnificent heart locket!

La Maison Couture Certified Badge Award Ethical Production Responsible Sourcing Artisanal Collaboration Positive Impact Circular & Regenerative

Ana Verdun London is constantly striving to reach higher ethical standards, from using 100% recycled silver and gold and ensuring responsible disposal of materials, to providing a high work environment standard, equal opportunities and quality education.


Oxidised Sterling Silver
Gold Vermeil - 22ct


White Diamonds - approx. 0.096ct each


Height - 26mm (inc. jump-ring)
Width - 24mm

Made to Order:

Lead time for ordering 4-6 weeks

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Chain sold separately