Coracao Necklace

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The Coracao Necklace is made from 100% recycled 14k yellow gold and lab-grown diamonds.

The Coracao Necklace from MATILDE Jewellery is a representation of the Coração de Viana, the traditional filigree heart that represents eternal connection, love, honesty and generosity. A symbol of Portuguese culture, style, and heritage, the Coracao Necklace reimagines this icon in a modern and elegant new way.

La Maison Couture Certified Badge Award Ethical Production Responsible Sourcing Artisanal Collaboration Positive Impact Circular & Regenerative

MATILDE Jewellery use only 14k 100% recycled gold and laboratory-grown diamonds in all of their pieces, as well as eco-friendly packaging, and transparent processes.


100% Recycled 14k Yellow Gold


Lab-Grown Diamonds, total weight 0.071ct


Length of Necklace Chain - Closing Hooks at 40.5cm, 43cm, and 45.5cm