Ottavia Multi Nugget Necklace with Emeralds

Price: £2,900.00
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The Ottavia Multi Nugget Necklace with Emeralds is a classic piece from the Earth line, redesigned with Muzo emeralds for the new collection. Three natural gold nuggets are strung next to the emeralds on a fine gold chain to show off the
extraordinary individuality of their respective compositions. The necklace can be worn conventionally or looped around the neck.

The nuggets are selected from known and trusted artisanal mines and recovered naturally, chemical-free and untreated.

MAKAL is an ethical and sustainable jewellery brand founded by Daniela Colaiacovo. Her exquisite jewellery pieces are hand made using natural gold nuggets sourced in Honduras from the first ethical gold mine in the world. Daniela has pioneered zero-waste extraction and chemical-free processing in gold mines and all her pieces are paired with responsibly sourced materials and Fairtrade diamonds.


MAKAL’s Batea Collection is inspired by an ancient artisanal method of gold extraction. Panning gold by hand is as old as Mayan civilisation itself. Batea is Spanish for ’gold pan’. The Batea is traditionally made of a solid piece of wood in a rounded and swallow shape.  The shape provides the perfect setting for Makal’s gold nuggets and in some pieces Muzo emeralds.


18k Fairtrade certified gold chain - approx. 4.50gr
3 natural gold nuggets, approx. total weight - 5.8gr


Three Muzo emeralds, total weight - 3.40ct


Chain Length - 90cm