Classic Venezia Large Pendant by Olivia Grace

Classic Venezia Large Pendant

Price: £15,360.00
Seraphina Trio Ring by GFG Jewellery

Seraphina Trio Ring

Price: £2,950.00
The O2 Ring by MyriamSOS

The O2 Ring

Price: £1,700.00
Starlight Necklace by Daou Jewellery

Starlight Necklace

Price: £6,750.00
Diamond Flower Bracelet by Natalie Perry

Diamond Flower Bracelet

Price: £495.00
Wave Movement Ring by Swati Dhanak

Wave Movement Ring

Price: £1,750.00
Dusha Diamond Ring by Julien Riad Sahyoun

Dusha Diamond Ring

Price: £2,900.00
Bullet Peace in Yellow Gold by Julien Riad Sahyoun

Bullet Peace in Yellow Gold

Price: £999.00
Chakra Pendant (Manipura) by tinyOm

Chakra Pendant (Manipura)

Price: £125.00
Svadisthana Paved Diamonds Ring by tinyOm

Svadisthana Paved Diamonds Ring

Price: £790.00
Ombre Sapphire Stack Rings by Sandy Leong

Ombre Sapphire Stack Rings

Price: £3,120.00
Timo Ring by Anastazio

Timo Ring

Price: £1,125.00
Dendritic Agate Pendant by Sorrel Bay

Dendritic Agate Pendant

Price: £490.00
The Fidget Ring by Origin 31

The Fidget Ring

Price: £3,900.00
Ann 18k Gold with Lapis by Stephanie Cachard

Ann 18k Gold with Lapis

Price: £1,245.00
Earth Circle Necklace by Makal

Earth Circle Necklace

Price: £1,400.00
Carmelita Ring by MyriamSOS

Carmelita Ring

Price: £1,250.00
Stellar Sand Fall Earrings by Tomasz Donocik

Stellar Sand Fall Earrings

Price: £11,300.00
Cosmic Short Drop Necklace by Tomasz Donocik

Cosmic Short Drop Necklace

Price: £1,320.00
Fire Opal Ring by Zaabel

Fire Opal Ring

Price: £2,300.00
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