Seraphina Emerald Angel Ring by GFG Jewellery

Seraphina Emerald Angel Ring

Price: £3,950.00
Skyline Ring by MyriamSOS

Skyline Ring

Price: £650.00
Full Flower Pendant by Natalie Perry

Full Flower Pendant

Price: £995.00
Trinity Necklace in Black Gold by Leyla Abdollahi

Trinity Necklace in Black Gold

Price: £4,950.00
Defne Pave Ring with Diamond Marquise by Selin Kent

Defne Pave Ring with Diamond Marquise

Price: £1,950.00
Large Splatter Ring by Swati Dhanak

Large Splatter Ring

Price: £2,700.00
Skinny Ring in Rose Gold by Julien Riad Sahyoun

Skinny Ring in Rose Gold

Price: £590.00
Svadisthana Necklace by tinyOm

Svadisthana Necklace

Price: £410.00
Chakra Bracelet (Muladhara) by tinyOm

Chakra Bracelet (Muladhara)

Price: £125.00
Harmonic Drop Necklace by Sandy Leong

Harmonic Drop Necklace

Price: £3,050.00
Three Feather Ring by Flora Bhattachary

Three Feather Ring

Price: £1,275.00
Ring Zero 2 by IVAR by Ritika Ravi

Ring Zero 2

Price: £1,720.00
Interference and Stardust Ring by Rose Carvalho

Interference and Stardust Ring

Price: £2,850.00
Cosmos Earrings by Makal

Cosmos Earrings

Price: £3,350.00
Hallgrimur Earrings by MyriamSOS

Hallgrimur Earrings

Price: £2,375.00
Stellar Band Ring by Tomasz Donocik

Stellar Band Ring

Price: £4,625.00
Cosmic Cluster Necklace by Tomasz Donocik

Cosmic Cluster Necklace

Price: £3,350.00
Brilliant Diamond Solitaire Ring by Flora Bhattachary

Brilliant Diamond Solitaire Ring

Price: £2,790.00
Deep Faith Pendant by Anastazio

Deep Faith Pendant

Price: £7,540.00
Eternal Youth Ring by Anastazio

Eternal Youth Ring

Price: £885.00
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