Defne Mismatch Earrings with Sapphire by Selin Kent

Defne Mismatch Earrings with Sapphire

Price: £750.00
Large Splatter Ring by Swati Dhanak

Large Splatter Ring

Price: £2,700.00
Skinny Ring in Rose Gold by Julien Riad Sahyoun

Skinny Ring in Rose Gold

Price: £590.00
Svadisthana Necklace by tinyOm

Svadisthana Necklace

Price: £410.00
Chakra Bracelet (Muladhara) by tinyOm

Chakra Bracelet (Muladhara)

Price: £125.00
Harmonic Hinge Bangle by Sandy Leong

Harmonic Hinge Bangle

Price: £4,880.00
Calisto Earrings by Anastazio

Calisto Earrings

Price: £2,320.00
Split Hoop Earrings by Flora Bhattachary

Split Hoop Earrings

Price: £1,530.00
Ring Zero 2 by IVAR by Ritika Ravi

Ring Zero 2

Price: £1,470.00
Shield Dendritic Agate Pendant by Sorrel Bay

Shield Dendritic Agate Pendant

Price: £3,220.00
Optimism Ring by Anastazio

Optimism Ring

Price: £1,380.00
Seraph Diamond Ring by GFG Jewellery

Seraph Diamond Ring

Price: £900.00
Beaded Calligraphy Necklace by Azza Fahmy

Beaded Calligraphy Necklace

Price: £1,245.00
Large Orbit Earrings Multiplier by Daou Jewellery

Large Orbit Earrings Multiplier

Price: £880.00
Onyx Pendant (Without Chain) by Gyan Jewels

Onyx Pendant (Without Chain)

Price: £1,150.00
Stackable Calligraphy Bangle by Azza Fahmy

Stackable Calligraphy Bangle

Price: £2,895.00
Bodrum Necklace (Medium) by Maviada

Bodrum Necklace (Medium)

Price: £165.00
Skopelos Mini – Tanzanite by Maviada

Skopelos Mini – Tanzanite

Price: £995.00
Groove and Stardust Bracelet by Rose Carvalho

Groove and Stardust Bracelet

Price: £6,830.00
Elle et Lui Amethyst Baguette Ring by Nadine Aysoy

Elle et Lui Amethyst Baguette Ring

Price: £6,600.00
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