Scattered Stars Demi Necklace

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The Scattered Stars Demi Necklace from Lily Flo Jewellery’s Stardust collection, exclusively designed for La Maison Couture, features individually handmade solid 18k gold discs soldered by hand onto the central part of an 18k delicate curb chain featuring a springer clasp closure. Feminine and graceful, each disc is created using the ancient art of granulation by melting the metal into tiny granules and then hammering them flat, and then highly polishing them so that they capture the light and sparkle. Dainty, yet sturdy, they echo the magic of stardust falling from the heavens that moves delicately with your body.

This necklace is the perfect piece for the girl who dares to be a little different, and knows she looks great doing it.

Designed for the modern woman, who’s world never stop changing, Diana creates inherently feminine jewellery, celebrating the inner beauty and strength of women. Versatile, unique and contemporary pieces that allow her customers to enhance their inner confidence and express their individual style.


18kt recycled yellow gold


Disc Diameter - 3 to 4mm
Chain length - 46cm

Please Note:

This piece is handmade, therefore unique to you and may vary slightly from the picture.