Strength Silver Onyx Necklace

Price: £140.00
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The Strength Silver Onyx Necklace is handcrafted from 100% recycled sterling silver. The word “Strength” has been discreetly engraved on the side, providing the wearer with a hidden meaning and depth to this precious piece of jewellery. The most beautifully cut and polished black onyx is encased and set in brushed and high shine textures, alongside a small cubic zirconia stone hand set into highly polished silver, creating a stunningly contemporary necklace. Black Onyx is said to eliminate negative energies giving the wearer inner strength.

Part of Lustre & Love’s Strength Collection – We all have ‘inner strength’ but our stories are all different.

La Maison Couture Certified Badge Award Ethical Production Responsible Sourcing Artisanal Collaboration Positive Impact Circular & Regenerative

Lustre & Love are a jewellery brand with strong ethical values on sustainability, using recycled silver and gold, ethically sourced and laboratory-grown stones, and eco-friendly packaging. They have a wonderful and developing relationship with their experts and share the same principles and values on working environment, integrity and respect.


100% Recycled Sterling Silver


Black Onyx
Black Cubic Zirconia


Chain Length – 18” Chain (16” Chain with a 2” extension chain)
Pendant Drop - 26mm