Careless Rhythm Rock Crystal Ring

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The Careless Rhythm Rock Crystal Ring is handmade from recycled 18ct white gold, featuring rock crystal and diamonds. The rock crystal gemstone in this statement cocktail ring has been deliberately cut to show off its icicle-like inclusions (imperfections). They’re beautiful and  unique – a truly fascinating stone. Ancient Japanese believed rock crystal formed from the breath of a white dragon,  whilst Australian Aborigines used it in rain rituals, and Crystal balls have been used to predict the future, at least since the Middle Ages. Throughout the ages rock crystal has captivated imagination and is widely believed to have tremendous powers.

Part of biiju’s Careless Rhythm collection. The wind plays carelessly on the sand dunes of Africa leaving casual, hypnotic patterns in its wake. As the sun kisses the sand, microscopic shards of rock crystal sparkle like a trillion tiny stars.

biiju’s materials are responsibly sourced from trusted, carefully curated suppliers based in the UK. Recycled, Single Mine Origin or Fairtrade gold is used, along with ethically sourced diamonds and gemstones. 10% of biiju’s net profits are donated to environmental agencies to help offset their carbon footprint.


Recycled 18ct White Gold


Rock Crystal and Diamonds

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