Rupiya Ring

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The Rupiya Ring by Kaligarh is made with a traditional handmade silver coin in sterling silver.

Coins have been used for jewellery in cultures all over the world, but in Nepal, this type of jewellery is associated with the flat, southern plains, or the hilly western region. Since the 19th century, the Indian Rupee would be the popular choice, sometimes money from Persia would also be used to make necklaces and rings.

Part of a collection of ethically sourced jewellery by individual artisans in Nepal for Kaligarh Jewellery.

Kaligarh (meaning “artisan” in Nepali”) is a contemporary jewellery brand founded by Jyoti Upadhyay, that promotes the work of Himalayan artisans, whilst creating opportunities in Nepal for local craftsman. Kaligarh is a recognised Fair Trade Supplier and is a member of the Ethical Fashion Forum. Read more…



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