Temple Triple Heart Earring Drops

Price: £570.00
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The Temple Triple Heart Earring Drops are handmade in England from ethically sourced sterling silver and 22ct yellow gold vermeil.

These earrings from Ana Verdun London make a really classy statement – carefully crafted and arranged to feature three different sized hearts, each heart with its own golden “aura”. The back of the earrings are just as special as the front!

La Maison Couture Certified Badge Award Ethical Production Responsible Sourcing Artisanal Collaboration Positive Impact Circular & Regenerative

Ana Verdun London is constantly striving to reach higher ethical standards, from using recycled silver and gold and ensuring responsible disposal of materials, to providing a high work environment standard, equal opportunities and quality education.


Ethically Sourced Sterling Silver
Ethically Sourced 22ct Yellow Gold Vermeil


Length - Approx. 59mm