Why buy British made jewels? Here’s why by visionary designer Deborah Blyth

Daring, elegant, and meticulously crafted in the UK from 100% recycled metals, avant-garde jewellery designer Deborah Blyth takes great pride in her exclusively British made collections, emphasising her belief that endorsing independent talent contributes to the support of local communities and skilled artisans.

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This Christmas, making mindful purchases is not just about giving a beautiful gift; it’s an opportunity to support ethical and sustainable practices. By choosing jewellery crafted from responsibly sourced materials, we contribute to the protection of our environment and the well-being of our creative communities. By investing in designers or brands that align with your values and leave a positive impact, selecting pieces that tell a story or supporting a charitable cause, we can add depth to our gifts, fostering connections with loved ones and the broader community. As environmental awareness grows, consumers increasingly prioritise eco-friendly, ethical, and socially responsible choices, which is why, at Deborah Blyth, we are proud to be committed to creating pieces that last, safe in the knowledge that sustainability is at the heart of what we do.


Handmade jewellery is the best way to ensure that your next piece is ethical, sustainable and made to last. As independent jewellers run a smaller operation, it is easier to trace where their materials come from and how they are used. Independents also benefit from being able to use local sources and suppliers, making it possible to support the local community through each purchase made. I am extremely proud that the entire process, from designing and moulding in my studio, to casting, gold plating and stone setting, takes place within a very small area of North London. All our gold vermeil, sterling silver and solid gold is handcrafted from 100% recycled metals. We have also collaborated with Cornwall’s Ocean Diamonds, specialists in sustainably sourced marine diamonds. Gathered from the water by human hand, with little trace left on the environment; from seabed to surface, nature’s most precious gift just for you. Each of these are examples of the steps we are taking towards a more sustainable practice. 

When you support independent designers, you are supporting talented craftspeople with innovative and unique approaches to centuries old techniques. Like artists, independent jewellers leave their signature on every handmade piece that they create, making for an incredibly diverse marketplace, leaving us spoiled for choice. 

The lost wax casting process is an age-old metalworking technique celebrated for its unique precision and intricacy. The process involves crafting a detailed wax model of the desired object, encasing it in a ceramic mould, and then melting out the wax to create a hollow cavity. Molten metal is then poured into the mould, filling the void and taking the shape of the original wax model. Once the metal cools and solidifies, the ceramic mould is broken away, revealing the intricately cast object. This process allows me to capture minute detail in pieces such as The Oceanus Cuff; an adjustable gold bangle which is bold, feminine and elegant. It’s fluid lines curl and flow; reminiscent of waves tumbling and breaking – inspired by my passion for swimming and the restorative power of water. The cuff is then hand polished and gold plated in 18 carat gold.

We are honoured to be a part of La Maison Couture’s movement to ‘buy better.’

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Words: Deborah Blyth