Conscious Gifting with Myriam Soseilos: The Making of the Astral Ring

“Discover the journey of your jewellery this Christmas” is the magical key to unlocking the heartwarming stories behind our brands’ creations as well as showcasing the need for conscious gifting this festive season. Join Myriam Soseilos as she reveals the creativity and thoughtful decisions that imbue the crafting of her sensational Astral Ring, making it the perfect Christmas present.

Have you ever pondered the life of a jewellery designer? It is a captivating blend of artistic expression, craftsmanship and entrepreneurship.

As a jewellery designer, I wear many hats throughout the day, juggling multiple roles. At my design workspace, I transform my creative ideas into tangible sketches and digital designs, experimenting with various forms, materials, and aesthetics to refine my design vision.

What follows is my engagement with the crafts team, guiding them in bringing Myriam Soseilos’s designs to life with precision and artistry. Quality control is of paramount importance in the realm of jewellery design and I thoroughly inspect each piece to ensure it meets the highest possible standards.

The making of the Astral Ring is a fine example: Join me as I unveil the intricate facets of one of our best-selling creations.

Born from a cherished moment of serenity and wonder, this ring was inspired on a hot summer night when I lay on a sunbed, gazing up at the sky. I took a few precious moments for mindfulness, allowing the celestial beauty to wash over me. It was in that tranquil instant that I witnessed a shooting star, and the idea for this celestial ring took shape. Its design captures the magic of that night; a piece of the cosmos eternally adorning your hand with the Myriam Soseilos’s signature touch.

With the initial inspiration in mind, I translated the concept into a detailed sketch, followed by a meticulous digital design. I engaged in extensive experimentation with diverse shapes, materials, and aesthetics, honing the design vision to perfection. The selection of gemstones, metals and other elements was a careful and thoughtful process, taking into account considerations such as durability, cost and the overall aesthetics of the ring. 


Subsequently, I ventured into the realm of prototyping, a critical step that allowed me to assess the design’s viability and make necessary refinements before proceeding to the final creation. Once all these pivotal stages were successfully completed, I forwarded the design file to a third-party supplier for digital printing and casting, ensuring that the vision was executed with precision. The heart of production of every one of our pieces lies within the studio, where skilled artisans deftly assemble the gold parts from casting and meticulously set the gemstones, giving life to the design’s essence and beauty.



As a brand, the use of recycled materials and conflict-free gemstone embodies our unwavering commitment to ethical sourcing. We acknowledge the significant impact our industry can have on the environment, and it is our mission to minimise it. We take pride in using recycled precious metals to reduce the ecological footprint associated with mining: We recycle the gold dust from our own workshop and repurpose old, neglected jewellery through up-cycling, breathing new life into timeless pieces. Our commitment to ethical practices guides our diamond sourcing, ensuring conflict-free origins. We use lab created diamonds/gems that align with the quality, beauty, and durability of natural gems, providing eco-conscious consumers with a sustainable choice aligned with our brand’s vision. 

Moreover, our mission extends beyond providing sustainable choices for eco conscious consumers. We are dedicated to raising awareness and educating consumers about the importance of making mindful and sustainable choices when it comes to their jewellery purchases. Our goal is to inspire individuals to “Buy Better” by considering the environmental and ethical aspects of their jewellery. We believe that by making informed decisions, consumers can contribute to a more sustainable and responsible jewellery industry, ultimately benefiting the planet and the communities involved in the production process. 

By making mindful choices during the holiday season (and beyond), we all contribute to a more meaningful and environmentally responsible Christmas celebration. Conscious gifting ensures that the spirit of giving is aligned with sustainability and ethical consumption, making each Christmas a time for positive change and responsible choices.

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Words: Myriam Soseilos