La Maison Couture Achieves Butterfly Mark Certification

Showcasing the best in sustainable innovation, pioneering design, exceptional quality and creativity within the jewellery industry, La Maison Couture, the multi-channel retail platform, has been awarded BUTTERFLY MARK certification for embedding measurable, sustainability practices across its business operations. 

In order to achieve the Butterfly Mark, companies must achieve a minimum of 50% in each area of assessment: Environment, Social, and Governance (ESG). La Maison Couture achieved 63% in Environment, 64% in Social and 73% in Governance, and are EXCELLING IN THE FOLLOWING AREAS:

Butterfly Mark Positive Luxury

CIRCULARITY: Curating a selection of responsible jewellery brands, 48% of La Maison Couture’s brands currently source RECYCLED MATERIALS to design and produce their fine jewellery, with a target to increase this to 65% by the end of 2023. La Maison Couture seeks to action end-of-life strategies by partnering with re-sell and repurpose platforms to align with its belief that meaningful jewellery only represents exceptional quality and creativity if paired with a POSITIVE IMPACT on our planet’s people and resources. 

SUSTAINABLE SOURCING: Working closely with their Brand Partners, La Maison Couture has implemented a self-assessment sustainability questionnaire covering areas including certifications and accreditations, UN Sustainable Development Goals, actions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions as well as energy conservation methods. To have a TRANSPARENT VIEW of their brand network, La Maison Couture aims to have all brands complete the assessment by 2025, if not earlier. 


Butterfly Mark Positive Luxury

REPORTING AND SDG ALIGNMENT: TRANSPARENCY IS A PRIORITY for La Maison Couture – creating a dedicated sustainability section and ‘Ethical Jewellery Terms’ on its website to EDUCATE CONSUMERS. Going further, La Maison Couture communicates its five-point criteria system used to determine brand partners as well as its company goals including improving supply chain transparency and collaborating with brand partners to conduct annual reports on social and environmental impacts. La Maison Couture has aligned with several UN SDGs setting 2023 targets for each e.g. UN SDG #5 to achieve GENDER EQUALITY and EMPOWER ALL WOMEN AND GIRLS, with La Maison Coutures goal to increase its current stocked female founded brands to 75% by 2030. 

PACKAGING EFFICIENCY: Working at both company and retailer level, La Maison Couture ensures that packaging has the LOWEST ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT possible including its branded packaging being zero plastic, made with100% recyclable or biodegradable materials and reused internally where possible. Forming part of the brand partners onboarding criteria, La Maison Couture promotes brands that are using recycled materials and La Maison Couture are actively working with those partners using plastic in transit to eliminate this by 2025. 

“We are proud to have been awarded the Butterfly Mark in recognition for the work we have been doing over the years to PROMOTE POSITIVE IMPACT in the jewellery sector. We hope to be able to CHANGE THE WAY CONSUMERS PERCEIVE VALUE in terms of luxury goods and CHANGE CONSUMPTION PATTERNS for the better. By mentoring and supporting the brands of tomorrow, we hope to SHIFT THE DIAL IN THE JEWELLERY BUSINESS thinking to inspire designers/entreprenuers, to change the way they approach design concepts, consider stakeholders and measure success.” Tania McNab, found and CEO, La Maison Couture.

Butterfly Mark Positive Luxury

Positive Luxury’s four-part methodology is uniquely tailored for the luxury industry, and the ONLY CERTIFICATION THAT FOCUSES ON INNOVATION AND FUTURE SUSTAINABILITY RISKS. The Butterfly Mark is an independent certification that verifies for consumers and other stakeholders that a luxury business is operating in line with the HIGHEST STANDARDS OF SUSTAINABILITY ACROSS THE ENTIRE VALUE CHAIN.

“We are delighted to certify La Maison Couture with the Butterfly Mark certification for embedding sustainability throughout their business. La Maison Couture have SET CLEAR TARGETS including packaging and circularity and created their five-point criteria system for brand partners ensuring SUSTAINABILITY REMAINS AT THE CORE of all business decisions.Diana Verde Nieto, Co-Founder of Positive Luxury