Our mission: to champion and mentor brands committed to social and environmental change.

La Maison Couture is a multi-channel retail platform showcasing sustainable fine jewellery, responsible jewellery makers, independent jewellers and lifestyle brands with cutting-edge design. Our mission is to champion and mentor established and emerging brands committed to social and environmental change. Just as importantly, we believe it is our responsibility to reassure our customers that they are purchasing meaningful jewellery pieces from brands with a positive impact on our planet’s people and resources.


Our vision is three-fold: to Disrupt, to Inspire and to Educate.

Our brands are game-changers in their field, showcasing the best in sustainable innovation, pioneering design, exceptional quality and creativity. Many pieces featured are as much exquisite works of art as they are jewellery items. Some are timeless, collectable pieces and future heirlooms, others represent the stories of inspiring women using jewellery-making to change lives. We work with fine and fashion brands using all metals and materials and we are particularly interested in recycled materials and regenerative design concepts.

Aside from exceptional quality and design, supply chain transparency and story-telling is key. We and our customers expect our brands to know, and be able to communicate effectively, where their materials come from, the people and process involved, how they are positively impacting our people and preserving our planet for future generations.

Going forward, our vision is three-fold: to Disrupt, to Inspire and to Educate. Having these principles at the forefront of all our collaborations and partnerships we endeavour to make positive and meaningful advances that impact artisans, designers and consumers alike.