From Fair Mined to Forever Jewels: Shop with heart this Christmas

This Christmas, Mocielli, a luxury jewellery brand, unveils the story behind one of its most sensational pieces. Meticulously handcrafted from responsibly sourced gold and capturing the enchanting essence of flowers, this timeless jewel serves as a breathtaking reminder for mindful shopping this festive season.

Give more than just presents this Christmas; discover the story behind the jewels

Mocielli jewellery tells stories and strives to be a precious reminder of the virtues and strength we carry within.


Our “Time to Bloom” ring is a talisman that reminds us that our uniqueness is our blessing. Flowers grow and bloom next to each other without comparing one to another: They don’t think that they are too short, or too tall, too colourful or too dull. They also don’t try to become something they are not.

This ring is the reminder to really tap into your true uniqueness and bloom fully in your own special way.

On the bottom of the ring there is a pattern depicting a blooming garden and in this garden there is place for everybody.

When I started my brand I wanted to create a positive environment for myself and for others, based on my core values of love, compassion and connection.

The brand tells the story of self-love, with that love overflowing to others. 

All jewellery is design by me and subsequently made by a hugely talented team of craftsmen. They are amazing and inspiring people to be around and working with them is such a pleasure. The same can be said about my gemstones suppliers. 

I believe it is so important to build these human connections and relationships.

All Mocielli gold jewellery is made from recycled, Fair mined or SMO (single mine origin) gold. Having these options means we can positively contribute to different social and environmental practices. Recycled gold is gold that is already on the market and therefore doesn’t have to be mined; Fairmined gold is a guarantee that the gold is responsibly mined and the miners are paid fairly and work in safe conditions; and SMO gold, which stands for Single Mine Origins, means that the gold can be traced back to a single, responsible source. Both Fairmined and SMO gold contribute to health projects, civil infrastructure and social initiatives that improve the lives of the workers and their communities.

This Christmas, as with every holiday season, we should all be making mindful purchases because as consumers we shape the reality with our spendings. If we make informed decisions we can support companies with values we align with, companies that care about people and the wellbeing of this world. It is up to us to shape the future of this planet.

I would like to share a quote that has always resonated with me: 

„but what can I do, I am just one person“ said 7 billion people…

We forget that people DO have the power to change things. 

Every voice counts, every decision counts.

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