Busia Collection Exclusive Jewellery Launch with Award Winning Designer

Busia Collection

We are thrilled to announced the launch of La Maison Couture x Tomasz Donocik London BUSIA COLLECTION, our inaugural jewellery collection in partnership with Earthbeat Foundation, to be sold exclusively online at Selfridges London and La Maison Couture.

Busia Collection

Borne out of a shared desire to raise awareness surrounding the impact of gold mining within artisanal small-scale mining communities and the subsequent NEED FOR SOIL REGENERATION TO SUSTAIN LOCAL LIVELIHOODS AND ECOSYSTEMS, the collection showcases standout pieces inspired by the native flora of Busia, Uganda, an important centre for gold mining and production since 1930.

“Having worked in retail for over 30 years I am constantly aware of the damaging impacts the jewellery industry has had on the planet’s people and resources – IT’S TIME TO GIVE BACK. It has long been my mission to create an exclusive line of jewellery to promote the link between jewellery production and environmental and social issues, so I am honoured to work with long-standing brand partner Tomasz Donocik, and Earthbeat Foundation, whose groundbreaking work I have long admired.

With proceeds from sales of this Collection we seek to REPAIR damages of the past, REGENERATE soils and RE-EDUCATE communities to help preserve the future of the industry.” Tania McNab, Founder and CEO La Maison Couture 

It is estimated that there are 44.75 million small-scale miners globally working in variable conditions, many of which include poor working conditions, low pay, child labour and toxic hazardous materials that pose a danger to human health. Founded in 2013, Earthbeat Foundation has been working to PROMOTE ALTERNATIVE INCOME GENERATING ACTIVITIES for small-scale miners by restoring abandoned mines through agribusiness initiatives such as apiary, permaculture and biodynamic agriculture. La Maison Couture’s exclusively designed collection featuring plant-life local to Busia, designed by AWARD-WINNING JEWELLERY DESIGNER Tomasz Donocik, will support the funds needed to enhance the lives of the small-scale miners in Busia. 

Busia Collection

“Earthbeat Foundation was founded to CHANGE THE LIVELIHOODS of small-scale miners all around the world, and also to RAISE AWARENESS of the inequality that still happens when it comes to creating beautiful pieces of jewellery. We see true luxury only when everyone is getting the best out of it. Our partnership with La Maison Couture x Tomasz Donocik London is a huge step in bringing this awareness to the outside world as well as being able to CREATE AS MUCH IMPACT AS POSSIBLE on the ground. I am thrilled and very thankful.” Guya Merkle, Founder Earthbeat Foundation

Busia CollectionBusia Collection, consisting of five pendants made using ethically sourced, traceable materials and recycled metals, combines TIMELESS, LUXURY pieces with MEANINGFUL story-telling. The initial funds raised will  be directed towards Earthbeat Foundation’s BEEKEEPING INITIATIVES, providing financial employment and environmental protection to the artisanal mining communities. Beekeeping is one of the oldest livelihoods and it is well known that bees make a considerable contribution to plant production through pollination, thus significantly IMPROVING THE NEIGHBOURING ECOSYSTEM.

This project feels PERSONAL TO ME. As a beekeeper myself, I am thrilled that initial funds raised will go towards teaching apiary skills and generating alternative employment for families dependent on small scale mining for their livelihood.” Tania McNab, Founder and CEO La Maison Couture

La Maison Couture x Tomasz Donocik London Busia Collection will be available to buy online at www.selfridges.com or pre-order here.  Prices range from £180 – £310, with La Maison Couture donating 100% OF PROFITS TO THE BUSIA PROJECT FUND.

Busia Collection