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Presented as gifts to Chinese Royalty as early as 2300BC, pearls have reigned supreme over the centuries. Known as the “Queen of Gems”, their timeless allure has captivated big screen movie stars, adapted to trends and elevated our wardrobe staples. This holiday season, add some festive shimmer by unwrapping the wonder of Miphologia’s pearl jewels, all crafted from sustainably sourced materials.

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As a female-owned and operated business, Miphologia offers a distinctive perspective and emotional engagement that, I believe, sets it apart from male-owned counterparts by women demonstrating heightened sensitivity to sustainability and ethical concerns. Empowering women within the industry not only fosters a more integrated approach to responsible practices but also provides inspirational role models for the next generation, encouraging young girls to pursue careers in jewellery design, gemmology, or entrepreneurship.


The inspiration for the Lion Ring stems from my admiration for animals, especially cats. Drawing inspiration from the grace and strength embodied by lions, this ring serves as a personal symbol, instilling confidence when worn and representing the wearer’s connection to nature. The addition of pearls adds an elegant touch to this meaningful jewellery piece.



Discovering the story behind your jewellery is facilitated through collaboration with local artisans, who play a crucial role in ensuring the traceability of responsible materials. My use of recycled brass and freshwater pearls, sourced from certified small-scale manufacturers, form the foundation of my designs. Choosing to support family or small businesses not only guarantees uniqueness but also makes a significant contribution to the community. Recognising the importance of the human factor and gifting a product with an authentic story behind it adds a special touch, making the recipient feel exceptionally valued.

This Christmas, the process of selecting the perfect gift for loved ones or oneself is a deeply intimate experience. Opting for responsible jewellery brands is a thoughtful gesture that reflects the giver’s values and intentions.

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