Aquamarine Delights: Embrace niin’s wondrous ethereal gemstones

Featuring captivating blue tones that mirror the clarity of the sea, the Aquamarine is a wonder to behold! Explore the mystical beauty of this ethereal gemstone through niin, a visionary designer committed to crafting mesmerising jewellery with upcycled and responsibly sourced materials.

This Christmas, unwrap the story behind your jewellery with niin

At niin we are constantly pushing to find new ways to make our jewellery responsibly. I constantly strive to find ways to use upcycled materials in the making of my designs. There is so much waste everywhere you look, and it’s been a core principle of niin since the beginning – to work with materials like abalone shells being discarded by the restaurant industry and turning ‘trash’ into treasure – giving materials a second life, a more beautiful life. 

Working with Responsible Jewellery Council certified suppliers is so important to niin because of the reassurance that it offers us. It means that we have an immediate trust and sense of safety knowing that RJC have performed their due diligence and the materials have been responsibly sourced and are fully traceable. With so much damage being done to the planet, as well as socially, this has to be a fundamental goal for all of us. 

When I was creating the Luna pieces the energy of Aquamarine was speaking to me . Known as water of the sea – it carries the soothing, cleansing properties of the sea, but also brings with it the power of regeneration and rebirth. It is this theme and a time of rebirth and renewal in the world that inspired the Luna Collection.

At the time I was designing Luna, my family and I were moving to Bali for a fresh start – coming full circle back to the place that I first conceived of founding niin  – and so this collection definitely delivered for me! Bali with all its mysticism revolves around the cycles of the moon and so do we all  – often without realising it.  So many key aspects of our lives are linked to the moon – harvesting, crystal clearing, sleep patterns etc.  I wanted to design a collection that allowed people to carry a symbol of this most revered heavenly body. 

I’m very fortunate and it’s a great privilege for niin to be working with these skilled artisans in Bali and South East Asia – their talent and unique perspective inspire me to come up with new design concepts each time I visit a workshop. 

It’s key for me that niin is giving back and supporting the artisans that we work with. We are one of the companies that are encouraging the use of recycled gold and other materials in Bali, creating more opportunities for the artisans that live here. It is vital to share their craftsmanship in a world where awareness of the ethical and environmental impact of our purchases is growing. 

It seems so obvious to me to shop mindfully this Christmas – there is no other way to think today with so many ‘conscious’ options to choose from and we all know each choice is a vote! It’s about opting for the authentic product and brand that has a clear purpose and produces products that have meaning rather than the large scale brands that have the marketing budget without the integrity. 

For niin we believe specifically in purchasing items that have a connection to nature and follow our ethos of treading lightly on the earth. 

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