SELDA Jewellery’s Dragon Lady Collection & Crafting Legacy

SELDA Jewellery is a brand rooted in heritage and innovation. Founded in Istanbul, Turkey, by a mother-daughter duo, the brand’s evolution reflects a journey of creativity, courage, and sustainability. SELDA’s co-founder Yagmur Akgul shares with us the inspiration behind SELDA’s latest collection, Dragon Lady, and its commitment to ethical practices and female empowerment. 

SELDA Jewellery’s Origins

SELDA Jewellery emerged as a collaborative effort between my mother and I, shaping it into a dynamic mother-daughter venture. Originating in Istanbul, Turkey, the brand represents the culmination of generations of dedication to the craft. Initially rooted in traditional jewellery, pioneered by my grandfather, the brand underwent a transformative journey under my mother’s vision. Evolving towards a more contemporary and imaginative approach, she infused the brand with a modern flair, laying the groundwork for what SELDA Jewellery represents today. Founded six years ago, I officially joined the company three years ago.

Inspiration Behind The Dragon Lady Collection

Dragon Claw Ring


The Dragon Lady collection draws inspiration from the profound symbolism of dragons, particularly significant during the Chinese New Year festivities. Dragons embody notions of power, strength, and prosperity in Chinese culture, making them a compelling motif for our jewellery pieces. This inspiration comes from my time living in Hong Kong, where the omnipresence of dragons in various forms left an lasting impression. Witnessing their significance firsthand, my mother was inspired to infuse our brand’s DNA of ‘Courage’ into the collection. By delicately incorporating dragon elements such as tails and heads into our designs, we sought to strike a balance between admiration for the motif and wearability for diverse occasions.


SELDA’s Sustainability Commitment

Sustainability lies at the heart of SELDA’s ethos. Our dedication to using responsibly sourced materials, including recycled gold and fair-trade gemstones, reflects our commitment to minimising our ecological footprint. Furthermore, we prioritise supporting local artisans, particularly women, nurturing economic empowerment within our community. These sustainable practices not only align with our values but also contribute to the preservation of traditional craftsmanship, ensuring a brighter future for generations to come.

Supporting Traditional Local Craftsmanship

Baby Dragon Ruby Earrings


Our production process is deeply rooted in Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar, one of the most historical locations in the world. It was founded in the 1400s when the Ottoman Empire was there so as a result has a wealth of rich history. All our craftsmen and women are based there, allowing us to maintain an intimate relationship with our artisans and uphold traditional craftsmanship. Being situated in the heart of such a rich cultural heritage site not only adds authenticity to our brand but also allows us to share the stories behind our creations with visitors from around the world. A cool fact: To the best of our knowledge, my mum and I are the first women store owners within the gold section of the Grand Bazaar. Considering how many shops there are (there are 1000s) this is an incredible achievement, for both the leadership of women and the success of SELDA.


Dragon Lady Muse

While the possibilities are endless, a personal choice for me would be Serena Williams, the former world number one tennis player. Having been a semi-professional tennis player myself, growing up and being inspired by Serena’s unparalleled strength and resilience, designing a piece for her would be deeply meaningful. Her embodiment of power and courage resonates deeply with SELDA’s brand ethos, making her an ideal muse for our jewellery.

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