Unveiling the Symbolic Jewels behind MYSTERYJOY’s Stunning Collection

The narrative behind MYSTERYJOY’s fine jewellery collection is full of ‘magic’ and intrigue. Crafted using Fairmined gold and lab-grown diamonds, every piece of jewellery serves as a vessel for profound stories, each intricately tied to symbols that transcend mere adornment. These symbols go beyond their aesthetic appeal, embodying tales that echo through time, bringing with them a meaningful significance that resonates with the wearer. The art of storytelling is at the heart of MYSTERYJOY’s brand, weaving a rich tapestry of meaning that enhances the wearer’s connection to each piece.

MYSTERYJOY’s symbolic repertoire begins with the daring and optimistic representation of “The Spade“. This symbol, synonymous with strength and the courage to embark on grand endeavours, encapsulates the essence of daring optimism. It corresponds to the Summer season, offering a promise of serenity and sensuality that serves as a source of inspiration for those who dare to assert themselves and undertake great projects.

The shamrock, meaning “little clover”, is associated with the element of “Earth”. In the Tarot de Marseille, one of the oldest and most influential tarot decks in the history of tarot card reading, the shamrocks reveal the connection to the minor arcana of the Deniers, a specific set of cards. The trilobe, a harmonious three-leaf shape minted on Roman coins, forms the basis of this symbol, linking it to themes of prosperity and earthly stability.




The Diamond is a representation of ambition and energy. Aligned with the season of Spring, symbolising creative renewal, the Diamond exudes a strong representation linked to ‘value’. Its association with the element “Fire” in the Tarot de Marseille ties it to the minor arcana of the Rods, cards associated with creativity, inspiration, and action. Depicting crossroads and forming a diamond, the Diamond symbolises the desire to conquer the world.



The Heart, a symbol representing the essence of life, takes us to the heart of simple things – family, friendship, and love – where memories are created and joy emerges. Corresponding to the Fall season, it signifies a time for recharging one’s batteries. Associated with the element “Water” in the Tarot de Marseille, hearts correspond to the Cups, portraying individuals with good souls and compassionate hearts, from which the badge derives its symbol.

The Checkerboard emerges as a powerful symbol representing the play of existence, navigating the delicate balance between consciousness and unconsciousness. Its black and white squares refer to the two lights: that of the day which corresponds to reality, and that of the night with its mysteries and its dreams. Drawing inspiration from Yin and Yang, strength and tenderness, the checkerboard becomes the very icon of elegance.


Finally, The Rose, a timeless symbol that has fascinated humanity since ancient times. Its beauty, grace, and fragility create a mysterious aura that envelops it. Reigning supreme over the floral world, roses have a dual nature that adds to their captivating power – their fragrance lightens people’s spirits while their thorns sting those who handle them too roughly. Only delicate and meticulous manipulation can allow you to discover their secret.

The rose symbolises ardent love, intrigue, and the balance of forces. In the Tarot of Marseille, the red rose is associated with the heart and the fire of eternal passion. Despite its ephemeral nature, the rose’s life cycle becomes a metaphor for renewal and hope.


For MYSTERYJOY, storytelling is at the soul of the brand. Each piece of jewellery carries with it a narrative that transcends time, connecting the wearer to a profound artistry of symbols, each laden with meaning and significance. In a world where jewellery often serves as an expression of identity, MYSTERYJOY stands out by infusing each creation with a story that goes beyond the aesthetic, inviting wearers to embark on a journey of self-discovery and connection with the timeless symbols that adorn them.