HotRocks Studs – Fiery Red

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The HotRocks Studs – Fiery Red are made from recycled silver with a nano-ceramic coating. These colourful stud earrings are created as an exact replica of a quartz termination cast through the lost wax casting process. Each flat edge reflects at different angles creating eye-catching earrings.

Part of The Rock Hounds’ HotRocks Collection. Each form in this collection is taken from natural Quartz crystals. Utilising their gemmological knowledge, each quartz crystal has been handpicked as an exquisite example of their trigonal crystal system, and highlights the various habits they can be found in. A singular crystal wand with horizontal striations running the length of alternate sides, clusters of perfectly formed hexagonal prisms capped by pyramids or a row of perfectly twinned crystals are all evident. You just need to choose which one!

The Rock Hound are known for using responsibly sourced, raw materials to create striking design-led jewellery, and are proud to be Fairtrade Gold licensees. They only use artisan lapidaries and gemstone sources which match their ethos. Since 2023 The Rock Hound now creates all their silver jewellery with AgAIN silver salvaged from medical X-Rays. This not only provides a traceable source of recycled silver meaning no new large-scale mining is needed but helps tackle a part of the medical industry’s waste


100% Recycled Sterling Silver


Width - 9.8mm
Length - 12.2mm
Depth - 5.7mm
Post Length -12mm