RockStars Necklace with Small Sliced Pendant in White Gold

Price: £995.00
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The RockStars Necklace with Small Sliced Pendant is a bold design; the 18ct Fairtrade White Gold pendant is suspended on a unique silver chain coated in blue lacquer, which the designer has diamond-cut to give an undulating shine. The perfect unisex necklace for dressing up or acting casual over a plain white tee.

Part of The Rock Hound’s RockStars Collection. The Rock Hound are self confessed gem geeks and their RockStars Collection takes the structural form of natural crystals, playfully replicating them in Fairtrade Gold allowing the wearer to harness the beauty and making this collection perfect ethical everyday wear. The RockStars Trigonal Edits are an homage to the crystal system of their favourite gemstone, Tourmaline. The Rock Hound’s RockStars Collection is unisex and designed to be inclusive to all.

5% of every sales goes to Crystal Clear CIC.

The Rock Hound are known for using responsibly sourced, raw materials to create striking design-led jewellery, and are proud to be Fairtrade Gold licensees. They only use artisan lapidaries and gemstone sources which match their ethos. Since 2023 The Rock Hound now creates all their silver jewellery with AgAIN silver salvaged from medical X-Rays. This not only provides a traceable source of recycled silver meaning no new large-scale mining is needed but helps tackle a part of the medical industry’s waste


18ct Fairtrade Gold


Chain Length - 60cm