Could this jewellery give you your life back?


Discover our exquisite collection of Altruis wearable technology which is designed by Vinaya. Altruis jewellery is a collection of designer wearable technology to help you improve digital balance by prioritising what matters. This unique collection of blue-tooth smart jewellery allows you to filter smartphone notifications and receive subtle vibrations whenever you wish to be notified.

Altruis is the first collection designed by the wearable technology company VINAYA, they are a team of digital technicians, designers and neuroscientists who are fascinated with the intersection of human behaviour and technology. Within their studio, they build design-led technology products which elevate productivity, tranquillity and wellbeing. Also, their product team draws inspiration from three pillars: minimalism, innovation and sustainability.

In their lab, they conduct research and cultivate technological concepts to inform their studio’s product development team. Each piece of jewellery comprises the Altruis stone which is crafted from zirconia ceramics and which gemologically and economically comes closest to the diamond.  Available in black and white, the stone in each jewellery piece and is implanted with the latest blue-tooth technology.

At La Maison Couture, we are thrilled to be showcasing the beautiful Altruis wearable technology collection and strongly believe that Vinaya is changing the way fashion and technology live together.

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